1st Annual Math Bee at NSCS Lynn Campus

How fast can you accurately solve 50 math fact equations? For students at the NSCS Lynn Campus, the answer is not only “extraordinarily fast”, but also “uncannily accurate”! Teachers and students alike agree that the 1st Annual Math Bee was a resounding success and one that will be repeated in the coming years.

Starting in March, students in grades one through eight began training for the Math Facts Bee. Students studied and practiced in class and at home in order to compete against other students in their “division”. Each grade was broken into the following divisions and math equation types:

  • 1st and 2nd Grades- Addition and subtraction problems from 0-10 (30 problems)
  • 3rd and 4th Grades – Multiplication problems from 0-10 (40 problems)
  • 5th and 6th Grades – Multiplication and division problems from 0-10 (50 problems)
  • 7th and 8th Grades – Multiplication and division problems from 0-12 (50 problems)

The Math Bee kicked off at the classroom level where students in each grade completed math quizzes that were graded on accuracy and speed in order to move on to the Divisional Math Bee. To qualify for this next level, a student needed to score within the highest 10 scores for each classroom. Once the top ten were chosen, the competition was really on as the entire student body met in the MPR for the Divisional Math Bee on April 13th led by “Professor” Stutz. Those 10 semi finalists were whittled down to the top 4 or 5 in each division who answered the math equations the fastest and with the highest level of accuracy. In the end, there were four triumphant winners, one for each group: 1st/2nd grades – Ralph, 3rd/4th grades – Simon,  5th/6th grades – Nicholas, and for 7th/8th grades – Susie.

While this was a fun and good-natured competition meant to encourage each child to practice their facts, it was so heartwarming to see students cheer for each other and rejoice in the joy of others as the Bible tell us to do. Students encouraged each other with posters, well wishes, and shirts that had numbers and equations boldly displayed. The champions walked away with some fun prizes such as a participation certificate, a free NUT Day coupon (No Uniform Today), and a Friendly’s gift card. It is such a joy seeing our students celebrate each other’s strengths and coming together as a community for these educational and exciting events.