Third and Fourth Graders Have a Dream

During the month of February my class turned its attention to Black History
Month, as many around the nation also did. We spent time looking at one of the greatest
racial integration advocates of all times, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I anticipated that we
would watch Dr. King’s infamous I Have A Dream speech as a class and have a
conversation about it, but I was not prepared for what would come next. My students
were so enthralled and taken with Dr. King’s words that I set aside preplanned lessons to
engage my students in reality!
I encouraged my students to appreciate the fact that every American has been
afforded with a dream. We all have the license to dream. The difference between a
dream and the realization of that dream is grit. I wanted to encourage my students that
they all possess both – a dream and the grit. I asked them to write their own I have a
Dream speeches. I was absolutely floored by what I read, especially when you consider
that these students are only eight, nine, and ten years old. This generation recognizes the
struggles that our nation faces and the impact that they can make.
I hope you will take the time to read these speeches and in turn be inspired by this
next generation. I truly believe this next generation will be the one to change the world
with their love and service of others.
Click here to read some of the essays written.
Liz MacDavitt has been part of the faculty on our Beverly Campus for over 5 years, currently teaching the 3rd & 4th grade class.