5 Ways to Prep for Back-to-School

This summer has absolutely flown by. Hopefully everyone has had an opportunity to relax and experience the beauty of the summer season whether it is at a beach, a park, out for a walk or just enjoying your own backyard. Since the first day of school is approaching fast, here are a few suggestions of how to get back into the “school mindset” and get ready for an amazing year of learning and growing. Here are 5 ways to prep for back-to-school.


  1. Reading – Hopefully you have had many chances to read this summer and gotten lost in the many wonderful stories that are out there. Summer is such a great time to read for total enjoyment including comics, magazines, journals and, what I like to call “beach reads.” You know, the kind of book you read, not to prepare for a test, but to learn a little about life and the world around you. Try to get back in the habit of reading every night if you haven’t been doing that. Not only will it help with your reading skills but will add to your vocabulary and comprehension.  
  2. Writing – No matter the age or skill level, writing can be a fun activity as well as one that can help in school. Don’t make writing a chore but rather something fun. For example, keep a journal while on vacation, write letters or postcards to friends, write a bucket list, send a letter to your hero, or even send secret notes to family and friends! My sons and I used to write in invisible ink and hide the clues around the house. Whatever you do, make it fun!
  3. Re-Set Your Clock – For many children (and their parents) summer is a time to stay up past normal bedtimes and sleep in late. Once the summer starts drawing to a close it is a good idea to start readjusting your internal clock to the school day. Start working back to a normal bedtime and wake up routine so it is not as traumatic once that alarm clock rights on the first day of school.
  4. Go Shopping! – Sure, we all love to get some new items for school but I am talking about getting your school supplies in order. Having the right tools can get the school year kicked off on the right foot.
  5. Create your Goals – Every school year it is a good idea to set your goals. What is it you want to accomplish? Do you want to become a better reader, writer, join a club and get involved or make a new friend or two? No matter what your personal goals, are it is a great way to start out the school year on a positive note!


Our amazing teachers here at NSCS are prepping their classrooms and getting ready for yet another year of learning and growing! Enjoy the last days of summer.