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A Blessing for the New Year

By Mrs. Angie Weyler, Preschool TA

I was flying home after spending the holidays with 16 family members in 1 house for 9 days. Phew. My husband gifted me with the best Christmas present ever–a seat by myself in my own row on the flight home, while he graciously sat in the same row with our 3 girls and took care of their every need for the 3-hour plane ride home. Again, the best presents aren’t necessarily wrapped. 

The flight home was the first time in 9 days I was able to sit, clear my mind, read, pray, and just be still. There were no more cookies to bake, no more meals to cook, no more presents to wrap, no more holiday movies to watch, no more. Period. For 3 hours I was able to just sit with Jesus and hear what He wanted to say to me for the upcoming new year. 

Since no one needed me to open their snack or adjust the volume on their headphones or take them to the bathroom (again), I opened the book my mother gave me for Christmas–To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings written by John O’Donohue–and got lost in the simple, yet profound words of wisdom. I was hardly surprised when one of the first blessings entitled “A Morning Offering” so beautifully and appropriately prepared me to usher in 2020. I have included an excerpt of this inspiring blessing below. 

From the blessing “A Morning Offering”

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I pray we all take time this year to give God a few moments of silence every single day to fill our tanks, strengthen our hearts, sharpen our minds, and refresh our souls. When we are intentional and determined to drown out the noise and give God the quietness of our lives, He repeatedly and faithfully and powerfully shows up. Time and time and time again. 

Praying we all get our own row this year and allow God to take and bless the few moments of peace, quietness, and solitude we have each day for His glory and the betterment of this world.