Theresa Morin Hall

Theresa Morin Hall

Development Committee Chair

Board Member since 2016 – Theresa Morin Hall has served for three decades in advancement (admissions, development, and marketing) on behalf of Christian education, including Lexington Christian Academy and Gordon College. Her tandem editorial career has included in-house and consulting roles at Christian Book Distributors, Deaconess Hospital, National Hemophilia Foundation, Woodman’s of Essex, and numerous publishers and nonprofit organizations.

Theresa has been a member of the Vision Team at First Congregational Church of Hamilton, where she attended for many years. She received her certificate in spiritual direction through Free Christian Church in Andover, and her bachelor’s degree in English literature with a concentration in adolescent psychology from Gordon College.

Recently relocated back to the North Shore from Concord, MA, Theresa and her husband, Brian, are grateful to be closer to NSCS and the strength of its community. “I have marveled at how our senior administration, teachers, staff, families, and children have faithfully led, taught, learned, and lived throughout the challenges of the pandemic,” Theresa shares. “Our 2021 motto is Strong Roots … Strong Community, and it has been a joy and a blessing to witness that in action.”

Seeing how her two Goddaughters have thrived as NSCS students has further strengthened Theresa’s desire to see North Shore Christian School continue to grow its enrollment, endowment, and programs to ensure future generations can benefit from an NSCS education. “It is a privilege to serve alongside this amazing, talented community and witness the whole-person impact of an NSCS experience on our children’s minds, hearts, and futures of flourishing,” she says.