Carol Alter

Early Childhood Teacher

Carol Alter is the PreSchool and Pre-K teacher at the Lynn Campus. She joined the staff at NSCS in 2004, after having already taught Pre-K for many years. The Preschool years are a time for hands-on learning! Mrs. Alter incorporates the Handwriting Without Tears program that includes many sensory ways of learning to write letters and numbers. The children make discoveries about life cycles, for example, seeing God at work as they watch caterpillars turn into chrysalises and then emerge as butterflies! The children’s backgrounds are very diverse, and many different languages are spoken by our Pre-K children. Mrs. Alter seeks to integrate those languages by using them to learn how to count and sing and say different phrases. Some of the languages that are used include; English, Spanish, French, Korean, Albanian, German, Portuguese, and Russian! Mrs. Alter received her BA in Modern Languages from Eastern Nazarene College and her M.Ed. from Gordon College. She enjoys gardening and loves to see things grow from tiny seeds to healthy plants (much as Pre-K children grow and blossom!). She would love to turn our Pre-K garden into a butterfly garden!