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Middle school students read selections from classic literature intended to increase their vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension skills. Discussion and written responses, which analyze deeper issues, develop critical thinking.  Literature is examined from a Christian perspective focused on the cultivation and demonstration of behavior that reflects excellence of character.  Students develop their writing skills by drafting, revising, and redrafting. They learn to articulate their thoughts through increasingly well-phrased, grammatically correct writing.  Vocabulary and grammar skills build upon each other in complexity as students’ progress through middle school.

In middle school science students discover more about the natural world, microscopic life, physical laws, and the human body.  Middle school science is full of hands-on discovery, experiments, field trips and on-campus field work.  Scientific challenges are combined with self-discovery, purposely directing the students toward a deeper trust in our Creator/Savior.  Throughout the year, students have significant experience in a laboratory-based model of learning and have exposure to professional scientists as resources.  A significant and unique aspect of the scientific studies together are regular and year-round use of our outdoor campus.  Students will survey, monitor, study, measure, draw and identify the biological and physical characteristics of our campus, fields, forests and wetlands.

Math at North Shore places an important emphasis on active involvement, collaboration, and problem solving.  The curricula include the evaluation and simplification of polynomials, solving of algebraic equations, inequalities, radicals, and coordinate geometry.  Algebra I is available to students beginning in 8th grade.  Students will often hear it said “Math is everywhere,” and it is a goal for students to expand their vision of mathematics beyond the classroom and recognize how God has put order and patterns throughout His creation.  Through a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, students will be more readily able to identify and apply its use throughout life.

Middle school social studies focus on three unique aspects of our world and cultures and how Christians can strive to think, speak and act wisely in the world.  Our study of World Geography and Cultures – particularly emphasizes the historic struggle for peace that stretches around the globe and across time.  In U.S. History, special emphasis is placed on decision making skills, analyzing and responding to primary sources and current events.  In our study of Ancient History, significance is placed upon how Biblical texts connect with the study of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Students will be able to identify connections among languages across time and place and will learn to value multi-lingualism, motivating them to develop fluency as speakers, readers and writers.  As students study Spanish, they will expand their language and communication skills.  Instruction will include comparison of language systems, research of Hispanic countries, practice of conversational skills in Spanish, reading and writing in Spanish, and translation and transliteration exercises between English and Spanish.  Spanish will become increasingly formal as students acquire a basic mastery of Spanish I.

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Quick Facts Quick Facts

  • Accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
  • Founded in 1951
  • Preschool through Grade 8
  • 3 campuses located in Beverly, Hamilton, and Lynn
  • Average Class Size: 12
  • Communities Represented: 25
  • Racially & Economically Diverse
  • Students receiving financial aid: 74%
  • STEM Science Curriculum
  • Academic Support and enrichment
  • Athletics
  • Theatrical training and live performances
  • Home-to-School Partnership
  • Weekly Chapel and Bible instruction
  • Before School and After School Care
  • NSCS is pleased to house the Gordon College Graduate Education Orton-Gillingham Reading Clinic that provides free reading tutoring to qualifying NSCS and community students.
  • Member of Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)