Art Classes on Lynn Campus

It has been a busy and wonderful year thus far for the budding artists in elementary and middle school grades! In art class, each NSCS student has been using a wide variety of materials and creating art from both observation and imagination.

In grades K – 4, students have been carefully layering tempera paint onto their “still life” paintings of sunflowers. Inspired by the vibrant colors of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings, they have been learning basic color theory and have had a blast mixing new colors!



Grades 5 – 8 just finished a fantastic few weeks of working with clay, a fun and occasionally challenging medium. Many of them made scenes, characters, and objects from their favorite stories, problem- solving, planning, carefully forming the clay, and collaborating with others. The students enthusiastically dove into the project, and learned an important lesson about creating: the creative process (with both simple and difficult aspects!) teaches us to be patient and faithful in our work, and have fun along the way!

As we carefully refine our work – artwork, homework, housework – it refines us. It helps us to be faithful, take on challenge, and enjoy the journey with others.