Benefits of a Faith-Based Education

Are you searching for the right educational setting for your child(ren)? As parents, we research, pray, seek counsel, and agonize over the very best educational options for our family. If Christian education is a contender on your list, here are a few benefits that you may want to consider. Be sure when choosing that you’re considering not only an excellent academic setting, but also, a place where your child can mature with the Lord.

Excellence in Education

Research has shown time and again that smaller, private Christian schools have an extremely high caliber of educational excellence. In fact, a 2013 Peabody Journal of Education study shows that students in religious schools enjoy a significant academic advantage over their counterparts in traditional public schools and charter schools. The findings from a meta-analysis of 90 studies conducted by William Jeynes found that students at faith-based schools scored 11 percentile points higher on standardized tests on average than their peers at traditional public and charter schools.

Fostering Spirituality

One of the main reasons families consider a Christian education is to help their children cultivate a closer relationship to God. At North Shore Christian School you will find yourself surrounded by people who are also on a journey to understand their own personal relationship with God. This religious community can help your child with their blossoming religious identity.

Worldview With A Christian Education

At NSCS we integrate a Christian worldview in our teaching and learning with the hope that our students will adopt a Christian worldview. We hope to teach our children to interact with people of all faiths, holding true to what they believe and why they believe – all through the lens of a Christian worldview. It is through the teaching of a Biblical worldview that our students understand the world is much larger and they begin to think globally. We take very seriously the cultivation of a deep understanding and appreciation of the importance of living out one’s convictions, and sharing them with others in an inviting and winsome way. Our curriculum support these efforts.

Positive Role Models

Children spend a major portion of their day in school. Therefore, a teacher is a critical role model in your child’s world. In a Christian school classroom, teachers openly teach and model the truths of the Bible as they are compelled by an open, unashamed love and service to Jesus Christ.

Class Size At North Shore Christian Schools

Christian schools can almost always offer more individual attention than public schools. The teacher-pupil ratio we offer at North Shore Christian School is lower than that of most public schools, which permits a teacher to spend more time with each child, thus greatly benefiting them academically and personally.

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