Benefits of After School Enrichment –

Does your child take part in NSCS after-school enrichment? More and more students are opting to enroll in after school programs such as art, music, dance, science activities, or a sport. As with many dual working parents, after school enrichment has become a life saver for families looking to find a fun, safe, and productive program to keep children engaged in the afternoon. These programs, however, are not just a benefit for working parents, but can be beneficial for students as well. Let’s take a closer look at how our children benefit from after school enrichment programs here at NSCS.


  • Exposure to New Interests – Perhaps your child has shown an interest in music, drama, art, playing the violin, dance, or a sport like basketball or soccer. North Shore Christian School offers our students a place to safely try these activities with friends and encouraging coaches/mentors/teachers. The school day is chock full of activities and the after school programs allow our students to try something new or delve deeper into something that they would not normally experiment with on their own.
  • Physical Activities – Taking part in after school programs may mean an increase in physical activities, especially if the program revolves around a sport, dance, or even free-time outdoors. These programs offer a heart healthy alternative to the screen-time activities that tempt many students outside of the classroom.
  • Improved Academic PerformanceStudies have shown that participation in after-school programs can provide a measurable boost in academic performance. A study by Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP) published After School Programs in the 21st Century: Their Potential and What It Takes to Achieve It (Little, Wimer, & Weiss, 2008) showed that after-school programs can have an impact on academic achievement tangible in test scores and math and reading achievement.
  • Strengthening of Social Skills – After-school activities such as working within a team, learning a new skill or participating with a peer group have been shown to strengthen social skills. Students have a chance to see new teachers/coaches or mentors and work within a different set of social guidelines than they have within the classroom walls.


North Shore Christian School offers many options for after school care and activities. Has your child tried violin, music, art, dance, basketball, soccer, or the Saturday STEM programs? Find out more on our website or ask your child’s teacher for more information.