Benefits of Being a Member of a Team

North Shore Christian School offers many after school opportunities to be a part of a larger team whether it is on the basketball court, the soccer pitch, in a musical ensemble or an art group. Being a part of a team can be a wonderful experience that can build character and help us understand each others strengths. Here are a few ways that encouraging your child to be a part of a team can benefit them both now in school and later in their career.

Complementary Strengths

Being a part of a team or group can help students gain a deeper understanding of each person’s talents and skills. For example, some students may be excellent at communicating while others are better at organization. Learning to break tasks into smaller, more manageable parts and assign these parts to individual team members according to their strengths is an important life lesson that will become more critical as they transition into the working world.

Learning Flexibility

Just like in life, learning how to “roll-with-it” can be hard. Starting young, learning how to work as a team means that our students acquire flexibility in finding solutions whether it is on the court, field or in the auditorium.

Time Management

Nothing teaches you time management like being a member of a team. If you are not on time you may let down your team. If you have not completed your part of the project you not only answer to yourself but the team as well.

Support and Morale

Honestly one of my best memories is being part of a musical ensemble. We were a tight group who supported each other and had each other’s backs in school and out. We would laugh together and sometimes cry. When facing a difficult musical piece we would work it through together. This is one of the intangible benefits of being part of a team.

Is your child considering trying an after school group? Encourage them to try something new or an old favorite. Either way they will benefit from learning to work with others, cooperate, compliment each other, and support each other as only our NSCS students can do. Questions about what programs are available? Check out our events calendar on our website and ask your teachers.