Principal’s Welcome

Pam-HeintzNSCS is a school where every child is given opportunities to express and explore, imagine and create, try new skills and take risks. It is a place where children know that they are safe to be who they were created to be in Christ. No two children are alike or expected to learn alike. NSCS balances an appreciation of their differences while ensuring that every child achieves mastery and proficiency in their academic pursuits. The Beverly campus is a place to grow, discover, and be challenged to think critically and independently. Our students graduate smarter, and better equipped to impact their communities and the world.

These distinctives are what attracted me to the Beverly campus over four years ago. As an educator for over twenty years, it is refreshing for me to lead/represent a learning community that embraces differences in learning styles while simultaneously maintaining high standards of learning and behavior for all students. The students receive opportunities to cultivate their minds and hearts. Our teachers believe that every child has a potential which can be achieved through exposure to strong academics and development of their social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Our teachers are available to assist students after school and even over a school break when needed. It is our firm commitment that we will do all we can to ensure that students master all content areas, and our teachers go the extra mile to achieve this goal.

The practice of instructing from a Christian worldview recognizes that excellence in both our spiritual endeavors and academic pursuits goes hand-in-hand. Biblical instruction and godly behavior is integrated into learning, recognizing that all truth is God’s truth. Students engage and wrestle with tough topics, able to articulate their faith with confidence.

Pam Heintz
Beverly Campus Principal and Preschool Administrator