Building our NSCS Community through Chapel

Once a week, our teachers, staff, students, and any parents who can attend come together to celebrate our community through prayer, sharing, and discussions. We call it Chapel and it is one of the things that makes our North Shore Christian School community so special. This time during Chapel gives us a chance to pause in prayer, celebrate the joys in our lives, comfort those who are experiencing sorrows, and discuss Gospel readings in relation to our lives, all as a community. Chapel not only strengthens and builds our community, it also rejuvenates us with God’s word for the day ahead of us.


While each Chapel is unique unto itself, and differs each week and on each campus, the goal is the same: to share in God’s love for us as a community. Here is just a snapshot of what one of our Chapel meetings is like on each campus. Please feel free to join us whenever your schedule permits.


The last Chapel in January of this year on our Lynn Campus began in typical fashion with children from all grades coming together in the multipurpose room. There were greetings from friends in different grades, smiles all around, and a sense that this time together was something special that the teachers and students look forward to. After an opening prayer from Principal Lowe, further prayers were given up for a NSCS family recovering from a kidney transplant that they may heal quickly and for a parent who is currently studying for a citizenship test that she may have clarity and success. Birthday blessings were given to two students who were celebrating that week and the excitement was evident as the entire group sang a memorable birthday blessing song. After three 7th graders sang a beautiful rendition of “What a Beautiful Name it is,” the group discussed a Gospel passage that they have come to know well: Philippians 4. What a wonderful way for the NSCS Lynn Campus to come together before starting this day and celebrate as a true community.


On the Beverly Campus, Chapel worship began in the church where students were greeted by the joyous voices of two fifth graders along with piano accompaniment filling the room with the song “King of My Heart”.  As the beautiful rays of sunlight peeked through the large paned windows, Mrs. Ely, our wonderful Kindergarten teacher, led the smiling faces of students, faculty, staff, and many family members in an opening prayer. After this, three students were proudly highlighted for their many positive attributes including: adaptability, kindness, and sheer exuberance. Each student proudly listened and shared in their happiness with classmates. The focus of the chapel on this particular day was a lesson by Mrs. Heintz from the verse Ephesian 2:10 about how each of us is created through God’s handiwork, and that only he knows what our purpose is in advance. To help students understand and internalize this idea, she told a personal story about her son and the issues he had in the planning and design of clay pieces during a pottery class. She discussed how her son has trouble getting his pottery to become what he wanted that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Using this analogy she tied this idea of molding and designing into how, when we give our lives to Jesus, he molds each of us into a good and purposeful people. In closing, the Beverly students prayed that they too, could hand themselves over to God and rely on his help. After singing as a community the school theme of Psalm 1:3, the students returned to their classes. What a wonderful way to start the day!