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Robotics team in action

Big Wins Qualify Lynn School Teams for Robotics World Championships

LYNN – North Shore Christian School wins the Southern New England VEX IQ Robotics Championship.

NSCS sent two teams to the VEX IQ Robotics State Championship held at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester and brought home two wins. The middle school Steam Punks, consisting of 8th grade students, McLaren Cook (Wenham), Mattias W’Gebriel (Saugus), Sebastiano Dimodica (Saugus) & 7th grader Matthew Chatterton (Lynn) won the Premier Event at the Teamwork Challenge Alliance Competition.  The elementary Brobots, consisting of elementary students Ralph Gerber (Peabody), Brendon Sharwood (Saugus), Nicholas Saia (Saugus) & Gabriel Barbosa (Lynn) placed highest in their division based upon their total cumulative score in all qualifying competitions. The Steam Punks and Bros will travel to the Robotics World Championships in Kentucky April 26-28th. 

March Steam Punks Win Coach David Cook said, “In addition to all the hands-on learning that goes into designing and building the robots, these tournaments provide a microcosm of real-life experiences for our kids. They have to make complex decisions quickly, under pressure and in front of large crowds. These kids not only discover what they are capable of technically, they also learn how to work in teams, how to win well and how to lose well, what it means to encourage and to be encouraged. The program is as much about building character as it is about building robots.”           

Building on critical skills students develop in the KnowAtom science curriculum, NSCS began the robotics program because they believe the best way to instill a lifelong interest in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is to provide fun, engaging, and hands-on opportunities to explore and experience these for themselves. By its nature, robotics inherently incorporates all four pillars of STEM. March Bros win

This clean sweep for both the middle school and elementary school divisions of the invitation-only Southern New England Region put NSCS firmly on the map as a high-quality STEM school on the North Shore and in Massachusetts.

For more information, contact Jill VanderWoude, 781-599-2040.


NSCS Lynn Robotics Team Wins Again!

LYNN, MA — On Saturday February 1st, North Shore Christian School’s Lynn Robotics Club students competed in their third Southern New England VEX IQ Robotics tournament, hosted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The middle school Steam Punks Team brought home the victory, competing against 22 other middle and elementary schools to win both the Teamwork Champion Award and the Robot Skills Champion Award. The team scored 107 and 114 points respectively, achieving record-breaking totals for their region.

The Competition consists of seven match play events during which teams must use their Steam Punksrobots to complete specific tasks within one minute. Ten teams are paired together to battle it out in the Final rounds, one of which was the Steam Punks Team. During the Finals, the Steam Punks, with their partner team from Hopkinton, were the last team to compete and had to top a record-breaking score in order to claim the Teamwork Champion Award. The Steam Punks also earned the number 1 spot in the VEX IQ Southern New England Skills rankings.  The team consists of seventh-grader Matthew Chatterton of Lynn, and eighth graders, Sebastiano Dimodica of Saugus, Matias W’Gebriel of Saugus, and McLaren Cook of Wenham.

NSCS’s elementary school team, The Bros, were awarded their second Judge’s Award this season, which is a special commendation for exemplary effort and perseverance in the face of unexpected setbacks during the event and for design and programming that exemplifies the future of Engineering and Robotics. The Bros have earned the number one skills ranking among the elementary schools teams in the Southern New England region.

The BrosThe Bros consists of fourth graders Nicholas Saia of Saugus, Ralph Gerber of Peabody, Gabriel Barbosa of Lynn, and fifth grader, Brendon Sharwood of Saugus.

Both the Steam Punks and the Bros scored skills points for programming their robots to operate via remote control and autonomously, a complicated programming feat for students new to this arena.

Coach David Cook notes “It’s amazing how the kids’ love of math and science blossoms when they get to apply it in the real world. It’s particularly powerful for students who Robotics Awardstruggle with these subjects in school to see for themselves how much they can achieve.”

All three of North Shore Christian Schools Robotics teams have qualified to advance to the Massachusetts/Rhode Island State Finals in Worcester on February 29th.  Winners of the state finals proceed to the World Competition in Louisville, Kentucky, in April.

For more information, contact Patti Cook, 781-599-2040

Rooted in historical evangelical Christian faith, North Shore Christian School, in concert with family and church, seeks to be a community that provides challenging elementary and secondary education. Through academic and biblical instruction, we strive to nurture each student’s learning and thinking, and equip them to serve God within their local communities and around the world. North Shore Christian School has campuses in Beverly, Lynn and Hamilton.

robotics competition

NSCS Robotics Team Continues to Excel

On Sunday, January 19th, the North Shore Christian School Robotics Team, along with 26 other teams from all over New England, competed at Hopkinton High School, in the Hopkinton Squared Away IQ Qualifier. This was North Shore Christian School’s second robotics tournament this season. NSCS’s teams consisted of an elementary team named the Brobots, a 6th and 7th grade team dubbed the Code Breakers and an 8th grade team known as the Steam Punks. 

Robotics competitionThe Brobots received the Judges Award which is given to the team deserving recognition for special accomplishments. They were also awarded the Think Award which highlights the team with impressive and effective robot programming.

The Steam Punks walked away with the Amaze Award, an award for the team with an amazing, well rounded, and top performing robot. The Steam Punks also received 2nd Place in the Teamwork Robotics competitionChallenge Finalist Award. This honor qualifies them for the State Finals.

The Code Breakers and the Steam Punks earned their spots to compete in the Massachusetts/Rhode Island State Championship which takes place at the end of February. Congratulations to both teams. The Brobots have one more chance to secure a spot in the State Championships. They will be competing in the WPI VEXIQ Qualifier at the Worcester Polytech Institute on February 1st. We will be cheering for the Brobots during their upcoming tournament.


Brobots competing with robot

Congratulations to the NSCS Robotics Team!

Saturday, December 7th the NSCS Robotics Team competed in their 1st Robotics Tournament against 34 other teams from New England.

Our team consisted of an elementary team representing themselves as the Brobots, the 6th & 7th graders dubbed Code Breakers and the 8th graders also known as the Steam Punks.

Take a peek at their ranking!

Brobots Robotics TeamElementary team (Brobots)
Combined Teams: 11th place and qualified for Tournament Finals – Placed 5th overall in Finals
Combined Skills: 5th Place
Autonomous: 1st Place





Code Breakers Robotics Team6 & 7th Graders (Code Breakers)
Combined Teams: 23rd Place
Combined Skills: 4th Place
Autonomous: Did not compete




Steam Punks Robotics Team8th graders (Steam Punks
Combined Teams: 14th Place
Combined Skills: 8th Place
Autonomous: Did not compete



Note that although our teams are broken up by grade, there was only one competition (with 34 entrants) and all grades competed in together.

Thank you to Mr. Cook for his leadership in implementing the Robotics Program at NSCS and giving our students this unique learning opportunity. The next competition is January 19th. Stay tuned for more greatness…

Middle School, Field trip, State House

Last Friday’s 7th & 8th Grade Field Trip

Students in grades 7 & 8 are in the midst of the 1789 Constitutional Convention this week and next week.

In preparation for this Constitutional Convention the middle schoolers took a field trip to the Massachusetts State House and Old South Meeting House last Friday. Students visited the House, Sentate, and Executive branches of the State House and learned about the revolutionary war connection to the Old South Meeting House.


Middle School, Field Trip, State House

Board of Directors announce appointment of Pamela Heintz as Head of School

The North Shore Christian School Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Pamela Heintz, M.Ed., Ed.S., as Head of School. For nine years, Mrs. Heintz has served in various leadership roles at North Shore Christian School, most recently as Principal of its Beverly and Hamilton campuses. She will begin her duties July 1, 2019.

During her tenure as Principal, Mrs. Heintz has positively influenced the doubling of campus enrollment, the addition of Grades 6–8, the creation of a collaborative campus culture, the growth and morale of faculty, the excellent outcomes of students and teachers, and the utilization of research to implement quality curriculum and programming.

“Mrs. Heintz is a strategic and entrepreneurial academic leader who the Board believes will be instrumental in collaboratively developing a vision for North Shore Christian School and the resources to achieve it,” states Brian Gardner, Chair of the Board of Directors.

“It is humbling for me to accept the role as Head of School for North Shore Christian School,” Mrs. Heintz shared in response to her appointment. “I have adored my work as Principal and consider it an honor that God has allowed me to continue on in the good work taking place at the School. I believe in Christian education, and recognize its eternal value in building God’s Kingdom through the next generation. For almost six decades God has faithfully sustained the mission of North Shore Christian School. I am convinced that the School is poised to embrace an exciting next chapter in its history as we trust God with our future and the good work he is doing through our precious school.”

Mrs. Heintz’s appointment was the result of an extensive search process by the Board. In the fall of 2018, a Head of School Search Committee was formed that was co-chaired by Jennifer Hevelone-Harper, Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors, and Theresa Morin Hall, Chair of the Development Committee. The Committee was composed of parent and faculty representatives from the Beverly and Lynn Campuses. After reviewing applicants from around the world and conducting interviews with qualified candidates, the Committee recommended Mrs. Heintz to the Board without reservation. After an intensive interview process, the Board moved to call Mrs. Heintz to the role of Head of School and is delighted that she has accepted.

Founded in 1951 on the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts, North Shore Christian School has grown to three campuses now located in Beverly, Hamilton, and Lynn. What began as our founders’ dream of a neighborhood Christian school accessible to all has grown to over 200 students in Preschool through Grade 8 who represent a vibrant community of diverse races, ethnicities, and denominations. Deeply rooted in historical evangelical Christian faith, North Shore Christian School, in concert with family and church, seeks to be a community that provides challenging elementary and secondary education. Through academic and biblical instruction, we strive to nurture each student’s learning and thinking, and equip them to serve God within their local communities and around the world.

All inquiries related to this announcement may be directed to Christine Saia at

Fighting Against Summer Slide

Are your children counting the days till summer vacation? To a child this is a special time to lay off the homework, relax, and take part in hobbies or activities that they don’t normally have time for during the school year. Teachers too, look forward to a chance to recharge, come up with new ideas, and spend time with family. Parents, however may be worried about something that schools refer to as the “summer slide.”

The summer slide typically refers to a decline in reading ability and other academic skills that can occur over the summer months when school isn’t in session. According to All About Learning, numerous studies show that students who don’t read during summer vacation actually slip in reading ability and math skills by the time autumn rolls around.

It makes sense really, that if we don’t practice something, (like our math facts, or sight words) for three months, that we may forget some of that knowledge. This means that for many students, the first few months of a new school year are spent relearning concepts that they lost over the summer months. How do we fight against this? Here are a few ideas to help parents keep their little ones on track for the next school year.

Read Every Day

One of the best ways parents can help their child avoid the summer slide is to read with their child every day. Go to the library or bookstore and pick out a few books that your child would like to read. In fact, now is a great time to find a book that maybe is a challenge or longer than what they would be used to reading for a book report in school. During the summer parents can read together with their child, swapping off pages to help with tougher passages.

If you are going on a road trip, get a few audio books that the whole family can listen to along the way. This is a good way to get some reading in and learn new vocabulary too!

Practice Math Facts

Maybe your child doesn’t want to pull out the flashcards during summer vacation, but there are some fun (and yes sneaky ways) to get some math in during a typical summer day. Find fun ways to use math wherever you can. Find math focused board games like Monopoly or Sequence that will get your child using numbers while making is enjoyable. Try cooking together from a recipe and have your child figure out how to double the ingredients or perhaps divide the recipe in half.

Explore Science

While you may not want to set up the test tubes and beakers, you can travel to science museums and take part in library STEM days throughout the summer. Check your local library for camps that are focused around science, technology, or engineering. There are also many Lego camps in our area.

Talk to your child’s teacher about what they may recommend for helping your child avoid the summer slide. She or he may have a reading challenge they are sponsoring or ideas on how to keep with the skills that were learned this year.

End of the School Year Goodbyes

One would think that the end of the school year, with the long, sun-filled summer days just waiting for all the fun, that students would be excited to ditch the books and start relaxing. While this is true for many students there are students who have difficulty transitioning from one school year to the next.

When anything comes to an end it is a little bittersweet. This is especially true for students who have come to love their classmates and teachers. Here are some ways to make the transition to the next grade a little easier because, believe it or not, even teachers have a tough time saying goodbye!

Create a Memory Item

Sometimes it is hard to let go of a great thing. This includes school and your teacher. Letting go can be easier when you create a tangible thing that you can look back at and have happy memories. Create a memory item like an autograph book, an enlarged photo of your class and teacher, or a collage of all fun moments throughout the school year.

Write a Letter

Saying goodbye for the summer can be a little easier when you put it in words. For students moving on to high school at another school writing a letter to each of your teachers from the past years can help you process the move. We also suggest writing a letter to yourself. You may find that when you read the letter in a year or so from now that all of your worries about the transition were for nothing or not at as bad as you thought it would be. Plus, it’s a fun way to look back!

Plan for the Summer

If your child is concerned about seeing friends, then make some plans now to do a few things right away to kick off the summer. A beach trip, museum date, or park hang out can be just the thing to allay any fears that a child won’t get to see their best buddies.

Visit the New Class

Whether your child is staying at NSCS or moving on to another school, it is a good idea to get to know the next year’s teachers. For most of our students they know the classrooms and teachers all year during chapels and school-wide activities so this anxiety is usually quickly forgotten.

For students graduating from NSCS take some time to visit your new school and get to know what your classes will be like in September.

Saying goodbye can be hard but remember that with every door that closes, God opens a window. Enjoy a wonderful and relaxing summer break!


The Benefits of Theater Productions

If you have ever been a part of a show, you know the energy and excitement around putting on a production is downright palpable. Whether your child is a main character, part of the ensemble, or a crew member, theater productions have so many positive impacts for students.

There is substantial research about the positive influences you people glean from being a part of a performing arts or theater production. The Center for Online Education publishes a comprehensive list of 10 Salient Studies on the Arts in Education that carefully lays out the reasons why arts education should be encouraged and supported in our schools.

Beyond what the studies have shown, is what we as teachers and parents can see with our own eyes every time a student immerses themselves in the theater arts. Here are just a few of the positive influences we see here at North Shore Christian School as we prepare for our theater production next week.


Performing in front of an audience shows young learners how they can trust their skills, talents, and creative ideas. Even if your child gets “butterflies in their tummy” on show night, they grow from overcoming that fear and completing the task they set out to do.


Many parents and teachers remark that being a part of a theater performance helps their child learn to concentrate more. Long hours are put into practicing blocking, memorizing lines, and arranging props. All of this work helps young learners focus their minds.

Empathy and Cooperation

Taking on a role of someone in a play or musical means you have to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes.” This is a form of empathy and a way that actors learn to connect with their character. In addition, being a part of a theater group means a child learns how to work with people of different skills, abilities and backgrounds. This is a vital skill that will be needed later in life.

Enhances Learning

Not only is theater a way to improve or strengthen a child’s empathy, confidence, and confidence, but many schools believe it is a ticket to learning. Memorizing lines, ;earning to play a character, understanding the flow of a production can help students in the classroom as well. Theater brings to life the ideas that up-until-now have only been on the pages of books or plays. Education and theater are therefore partners in learning and enhancing learning.

North Shore Christian School is pleased to be performing “Ella Enchanted” adapted by Amelia Smith from the novel of Gail Carson Levine.  Amelia is the director of the theater production. She has been on staff at NSCS since January 2019.  Grades 3-8 are participating in the production.  Come join us this week on the Lynn Campus!


Online Safety

Summer is almost here and for many of us that means playdates, camps, and all sorts of fun activities. We want everyone to have relax and enjoy themselves, but we also want everyone to be safe. One the areas that we hope our students use their common sense and guidelines taught by their teachers and parents is safety online.

When we think about summer, usually we envision lots of outdoor time and, weather willing, beach time! Unfortunately, even Mother Nature needs a day off from the the sun to water the plants and trees. It’s on those rainy, cloudy days that you may have a chance to play online. Here are few guidelines to stay safe when you are watching your favorite YouTube videos, investigating your interests/hobbies, and trying out some new games.

Stay Private

No matter what games, channel, or video you are watching, never give out personal information such as your name, age, where you live, or your phone number. Don’t even give out information that may help someone find you like the name of your town or school. Along this same line, don’t give out your picture –  even if the person claims to be your age. You have no idea who is at the other end of the connection.


Follow Your Family’s Rules

Whether you agree or disagree, the rules your mom and dad put forth are there for your protection. This might include who you can connect with, what you can watch, and the hours you can use the computer. Never agree to get together in person with anyone met online without parent approval and/or supervision.

Report Dangers

If you see or hear something online that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult. This includes posts on social media and chat rooms that may or may not include your friends.

For parents: Kids Health – Internet Safety online has put forth some red flags that you may want to be aware of in case you believe that your child is being targeted by an online predator. These can include:


  • spending long hours online, especially at night
  • phone calls from people you don’t know
  • unsolicited gifts arriving in the mail
  • your child suddenly turning off the computer when you walk into the room
  • withdrawal from family life and reluctance to discuss online activities

Have a safe and enjoyable summer. We will see you in the fall ready to start a new adventure!