Celebrating Christmas Around the World

By Taylor Morris, 3rd/4th Grade teacher

It has been said by many that this is the most wonderful time of the year and as Christians it is not hard to see why.  December is a much anticipated time of year as we recall our Savior’s birth and are reminded that He will come again. This is a time of celebration and of many traditions that are continually being carried on. This week through the rest of December  3rd graders on the Beverly campus are learning about Christmas traditions around the world. They are finding that even Christians around the world have different traditions than we do. 

Society tells us that this time of year is all about asking for and receiving the things we want, but as Christians we know we have been given all we need through Christ’s birth. The third graders are focusing on different traditions and cultures around the world and will be presenting their projects to each other so that everyone will learn about all of the different places. The places being studied are Ethiopia, Australia, Greece, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Canada, and Germany. 

Morris grade 3/4Students will be presenting their findings with a stocking report. They will show each other where the country they are presenting is on the map, relate their celebrations to how we celebrate through comparing and contrasting, tell us how this place says Merry Christmas, and either dressing up like people do in this place at Christmas or making a traditional holiday food. In class we are also reading about other places in the world to learn more about them. We are making our best effort to think outside of ourselves at this time of year when it would be so easy to just focus on inward. I am excited to see what each student learns through this process. The third graders are so excited to take on this task. Gifts and decorating are wonderful but at the core we are really concerned about the true reason for this season