English Language Arts is on a QUEST!


What are we thinking and talking about in 6th grade? These QUESTtions…

Did you ever wish you could be someone else?
Why do people pretend to be someone else?
What happens to us when we pretend to be someone or something we aren’t?
Does material advantage determine our destinies?
What are the advantages of reading books that take place at another time in history or with characters unlike ourselves?
What are the benefits of having an active imagination?
Are people defined by their social or economic status?
Why is it easy to stereotype people?
 How can we look deeper to discern true personality?

Quotes that help us with our QUESTS:

Ann Marie Aguilar asks, “Why do you pretend, when you can make it real? We like pretending to be someone else but the truth is we just want to be ourselves.”

Seventh and Eighth Graders are considering these QUESTtions:

What makes a hero?
What are the qualities of good leadership?
What is the difference between internal strength and external strength?
What effect does beauty have on us?
How can we realize our purpose and destiny?
How do we interpret Christ’s teaching to “take up your cross and follow me?”
Which heroes make good leaders?
What happens when leaders fail?
 What leads to hero worship?
Is it possible for good leaders to make bad choices?
Does the position of leadership foster a “loss of self” or the “finding of self”?
What are the dangers of assuming a position of leadership?
What types of choices must a hero make to be a good leader?
How do we know what our destiny (purpose) is in life?
What happens when we do not fulfill that purpose?
Do our decisions determine our destinies?
What is the effect of our choices on our lives?

Quotes that help us with our QUESTS:

Aristotle said, “He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander.”

Kierkegaard: “Man’s curse is that he can only understand his life looking backwards but can only live his life going forward.”



To what extent should other people influence our decision making?

Written by Tess McKinley,  Middle School English and Language Arts teacher at NSCS since 2013.