Rock Cycle extra credit

Extra Credit Leads to Extra Learning

By Taylor Morris, 3/4 Grade Teacher

Throughout the school year students are given the opportunity to do extra credit projects on a variety of topics. These extra credit projects allow students to dig deeper to extend their learning. Each project has multiple options so that even within the project different learning styles can be utilized. Extra credit also gives students a chance to fully understand a topic that our curriculum may only touch briefly on. This can be helpful for high achieving students who want to expand their knowledge on a topic and go further with a concept. It also gives students who struggle with a unit a second chance to understand the material taught through a second deeper look at information. All of these projects are optional but encouraged for each student.Blog, Rock Cycle

So far this year students have been given three extra credit options. While learning about the Earth’s Surface in science, students were able to further their learning by choosing a project about the rock cycle. Students were able to choose to make a comic book explaining parts of the rock cycle or to write an essay about how the rock cycle worked. Students then shared their work with the class.

In Social Studies students learned a bit about the civil war and were able to further their learning by choosing an extra credit project of making a recipe, drawing a picture, making a timeline, defining words, or writing about important figures in Civil War times. Students who picked a recipe then made the recipe and shared it with the class. Finally this year students have had the option of reading a book related to what we are learning in social studies or science. They are able to connect the book to our unit and share what they have learned about the book and what they enjoyed about it. 

Civil war extra credit                Abe Lincoln extra credit

Students have found that while these projects can add a boost to their grade, they are also enjoyable. When students turn in their work they are excited to share it with their classmates and likewise their classmates are excited to see what each participant has produced. Students who do these projects are able to more fully explain what we are learning in their own words to each other.