How are you serving in His name?

by Christine Saia, Director of Admissions and Community Engagement

I remember the day that God called me to serve in His name. I was sitting in church and we were watching a video about an orphanage that needed some financial help.  I watched those kids on the big screen and my heart ached for them.  They were parentless.  It was so hard for me to process.  I had 2 small children of my own at the time ages 2 and 3.  How come my children had both parents and a home to live in?  How was that fair?  I
immediately wanted to sell my home and move to this orphanage and help.  My emotions blog versewere running wild!  In that moment I knew that God wasn’t asking me to move to another country but to serve the children in my community. All children are His.

I knew this unsettled feeling I was having was from God.  I was very uncomfortable.  I knew I couldn’t just sit and not help.  I needed to act immediately even though I had 2 young children at home and I was going to add another!?  Maybe 2?!  It was very scary but yet so exciting! God was going to use me as a foster mother to these children!  Me…a person that never planned on a family. Me… with an unhealthy childhood.  Me… verse

It has been 9 years since the day I said yes to serve in His name.  Our family has welcomed over 20 children into our home since then.  Some stayed with us for years and some just for the night.  I have learned a lot through these children.  I have cried so many tears of joy and sadness.  As I write this my eyes fill with tears thinking of the children we said goodbye to.   I smile remembering the laughter these children brought into our home.   Foster parenting is not easy but God is faithful.  That day I said yes, He has been there to walk alongside me getting me through the hard days and nights.  I have been stretched for His glory. Serving in His name looks different for everyone.  This is just my story.  What does yours look like?