How to Build Reading into Everyday

Wouldn’t it be great if every child loved to curl up and get lost in a great book for hours every day? Unfortunately, that is not the reality that many parents face, especially given the technology and devices that vie for young children’s’ attention. Some parents face an uphill battle to get their children to read, so we have compiled some ideas that may help you get in extra reading throughout the day.

  • Travel Time – If you, like many families, find yourself in the car driving to and from school, activities, and sports, you know that “car time” can add up quickly from minutes to hours each week. Keep a book in the car for those trips, even if it is a joke book, graphic novel, or an adventure magazine. Each time in the car can be added minutes of reading every day.
  • Use Simple Reading Moments – Sneak in reading moments when your child doesn’t even realize it. For example, try reading recipes, street signs, comics, the closed captioning on the t.v., and even the back of cereal boxes.
  • Use Tech – Try using the technology that children love, including reading tablets, books on tape (or something equivalent), and reading apps that can easily be put on a phone or tablet.
  • Bedtime – This is one of our favorite times to read because it allows for relaxation and a connection between readers. Aim for at least 20 minutes every night.
  • Play Games – Who does love to play games, especially the more interactive ones that are out currently? Games almost always require reading of some sort from the directions to the game’s cards! Every little bit counts.
  • Produce a Play – Depending upon the age and interest of your children, you could produce a short skit or play by writing out the lines and then practicing them. Make a video of it to send to family members!

Reading should not be boring or a chore, and it doesn’t have to be if you make it interesting. Be sure to always choose books that match your child’s skill level and interests. Check back in future blogs about making reading a part of your daily routine.