Importance of a Morning Routine to Start the Day Right

How do you start your day? Do you sluggishly hit snooze a few times or hop up ready to greet whatever the day will bring? No matter whether you are a night owl or a morning person, we all have to face the day at some point. For school children, a good morning routine can set them on a productive path for the entire day. Let’s take a look at what some of the experts say about creating a routine before school that can start your day (and your child’s day) on the right foot.

  • Give Yourself Enough Time – Starting your day feeling as though you are late or feeling rushed is a bad way to begin a work or school day. It raises your stress level and makes many feel like they are anxious for, at least, the first part of their day. Set your alarm so that you have enough time to ready yourself and still have a little extra time. Many parents find that packing the backpacks and reviewing the activities of the next day the night before helpful.
  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast – Fuel up on something healthy with a bit of protein to give you energy and get you going. Skipping breakfast can make adults and children alike feel sluggish and cause a lack of concentration. Even if breakfast is a protein shake or a granola bar, something is better than nothing.
  • Create a Morning Hygiene List – Many children need a little reminding to wash their face, brush their teeth, and when a little older, put on deodorant during their morning routine. Create a quick list that can discreetly remind your child about these tasks so you don’t need to nag every morning.
  • Have a “Today’s To-Do List” – Many families find it helpful to have a calendar or list of activities for each day that can be reviewed each morning. A quick review during breakfast can make sure that everyone has what they need, like their cleats for sports or instrument for lessons. It also allows for discussion of these activities such as who is picking up or dropping off for each event.
  • Stay Unplugged – While it may be tempting to catch up on social media or check out the news headlines, try to stay off your phone, tablet or laptop in the morning. Use this time to mentally ready yourself for the day and be sure that you have everything you need. Some students even use this time in the morning to review notes for a test or check their bags.
  • Take a Moment for Yourself – Take a few minutes to pray, meditate, or just have a moment of gratitude. This positive thinking can set you off on your day with an optimistic attitude.


What routine do you follow in the morning? Create a morning routine that is right for your family and starts you on a positive note each day. Good morning!