Known, Valued, and Challenged!

What does it mean to be KNOWN, VALUED, and CHALLENGED at North Shore Christian School?  In our school community, it means we strive to ensure our students understand that they are known; known in their personhood, known by their name, known by their peers and known by teachers.  Equally important, we strive to ensure our students are known by their creator, the Lord, God.  To equip them with an understanding that the Lord knows even the number of hairs on their head!  When one considers this, it is truly awe-inspiring.

Students’ ideas are valued as they engage in and contribute to lively classroom discussions.  Their effort is valued as their essays and research projects are displayed throughout the school.  Biblical principles are integrated in lessons where students learn to discern right from wrong.  Students come to know God the father, God the son, Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit, through the Word, the source of truth and value in our community.

NSCS endeavors to challenge and equip our students with the critical thinking skills and strategies necessary to meet rigorous academic standards.  In addition, as we desire our students to recognize they are known and valued by their creator and made in His image, we also seek to challenge them to claim this as truth for themselves, and Jesus as their own.