Learning through Volunteering

Over the past year, we have discussed the many ways that our students, staff, and families take part in volunteering all year. From helping serve food at Our Brother’s Table in Lynn, to creating Shoeboxes for Haiti, we try to remain witnesses to Jesus, not just during the holy season, but throughout the entire year. In addition to those activities, students at both our Beverly and Lynn campuses have visited local nursing homes, held “Baby Wipe” drives, donated to Puritan’s Purse, coordinated with Beverly Bootstraps, shared our love of Jesus with our pen pals in India, and raised funds with a local church to provide grocery store gift cards for families in need. The list could go on and on. With each volunteering experience, our students share a bit of themselves and God’s love. However, these volunteering activities are not a one-way-street so to speak; as our students take part in these giving and loving activities, they are also learning from this act of volunteering. Here are just a few of these skills that our students are practicing and fine tuning every time they lead or even take part in a volunteer event.


  • Leadership Skills – During each of these volunteer opportunities, our students have the chance to take the lead, use their ingenuity to plan and execute their ideas and make them come to life. That takes leadership and the skills associated with it. Organizing, stating a goal, and making it come to fruition is an amazing part of volunteering for a cause.
  • Teamwork – None of these volunteer activities happen without “many hands making light work”. Each experience allows our students to work with people from other classes who may have different ideas from their own. The skill of working as a team is an invaluable one that can be practiced over and over when in a volunteer situation. Plus, nothing gets people working as a unit more than working toward a common and worthwhile goal!
  • Self Management – While our teachers help guide and mentor our students during each activity, they also allow the children to self-manage in order to learn how to manage time, materials, and ideas.
  • Gratitude – Volunteering can help broaden a child’s perspective of the world and the challenges people may face.
  • Self-Worth – The United Way explains that when we give time toward a good cause, we are rewarded with the feeling of self-worth and increased self-esteem. The same goes for kids. Lending a hand is a great way to show kids that no matter who they are or how young they are, they have the power to change our community for the better.


Encourage your child to take part in a volunteering experience either at school, your church, or in your city or town. You will be amazed that not only will your child give of themself but also get so much back in return.