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Middle School Servants of God!

By Ms. Lick, 5 & 6th grade teacher

“Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.”  ~ John 12:26 ~

As the new/returning middle schoolers walked into school at Beverly Campus that first morning of this year they responded to a calling. A calling that was given over 2000 years ago from a man who was both ordinary and extraordinary. A man who could have worn a crown. A man who could have ridden the finest horses, slept and eaten in the finest of palaces. This man, called us to kneel before our friends, family members, classmates, teachers, and wash their dirty and weary feet. 

One of the discussions we have had with the middle schoolers is what it means to kneel. I asked them what they thought of kneeling and why we don’t do it often. One of the students commented, “it hurts my knees!” Another student, “it’s hard to get back up!” All valid and relatable reasons. Whether it is kneeling to scrub the floor or kneeling in desperation; we concluded that we don’t like it. Humans don’t like to kneel because it is a humbling experience. It is not your legs or knees that get wounded, it is your pride. What I love about teaching middle school at NSCS is that we can begin to challenge these kids to dig deep, make connections and ask tough questions about themselves and the world around them. At NSCS, we want to raise up a generation that is “on their knees.” Not a weak or small minded generation, but a generation that is willing to work hard, get their hands dirty and seek out ways to honor and serve God in all things. 

This fall, the middle schoolers at NSCS Beverly Campus have already/are engaging three acts of service on a daily and weekly basis!

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Lunchroom Service Project

On a daily basis, our 5th and 6th Grade students set up, break down, and clean the lunch room for the student body. Setting up the tables and individual chairs takes both time and work as they labor together as a community. We have students who work as “Lunch Monitors” each week to help out the teachers and parent volunteers by opening container, getting napkins/utensils, heating up food and answering questions. Finally, we have students spray and wipe tables down and sweep the floors. Whew! Every day, these awesome 5th and 6th Graders are serving both the students and teachers as the hands and feet of Christ. What a beautiful example of Servants of God!

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Service Project

Twice a week, our 5th graders and 6/7th graders take turns taking part in a service project. Our goal with this project was not to have our 5-7th graders “talk-the-talk” but to actual “walk-the-walk” and to be the hands and feet of Christ within the walls of school. Each week, I send an email out to all the fellow teachers and administration with the names of the students available and their job descriptions. 

Each week, they go into the classrooms of teachers and help cut out paper, make copies, laminate, read to younger students or simply help and play with preschoolers! 

Each week, the middle schoolers are giving back in a beautiful way through our Service Project!

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Leaf Raking Service Project

On Thursday November 7th, grades 5-7 came together to serve our school and the church building we use by rolling up our sleeves, putting on a hat and gloves and picking up a rake to clean up around our school building. The kids were AWESOME and had a lot of fun serving not only our school but the community!