Mission and Distinctions

Rooted in historical evangelical Christian faith, North Shore Christian School, in concert with family and church, seeks to be a community that provides challenging elementary and secondary education.  Through academic and biblical instruction we strive to nurture each student’s learning and thinking, and equip them to serve God within their local communities and around the world.

NSCS has four pillars of distinction—Planted in Excellence, Rooted in Christ, Nurtured to Thrive, and Flourishing to Impact—that reflect the mission.

Take a look at the clips below to view how some of our families experience the pillars in action at NSCS.

Planted In Excellence

North Shore Christian School students are planted among caring
faculty who provide innovative, research-based, and rigorous
instruction, imparting to students the skills they need to think deeply
and critically as they demonstrate proficiency in their learning.

“My children have received an excellent academic foundation at NSCS,
as they were nurtured in their intellectual curiosity and guided in their
cognitive growth. Critical thinking was not divorced from spiritual truth,
but rooted in a biblical world view that recognized God’s character as
revealed in scripture and the world He created.”Harper Family

Rooted In Christ

North Shore Christian School is a diverse community rooted in a
biblical worldview equipping students to discover God’s truth in all
knowledge and understanding.

“North Shore Christian School has the highest quality of education on
the North Shore. As a family, we love and appreciate this community.
For the past seven years, our daughter Tiffany has looked forward to
school. She is excited about and engaged in her learning. As her parents,
we are grateful that Tiffany’s learning is Rooted in Christ through
amazing instructors and school staff who demonstrate the love and
grace of the Lord.”Dorsey Family

Nurtured To Thrive

North Shore Christian School students are nurtured to recognize
their innate value as children of God and to gain confidence in the
discovery and expression of their unique gifts and abilities.

“The teachers and staff at NSCS value our children’s individual differences.
Our children are confident in who God created them to be and are eager
to share what they are learning. This is the result of teachers who model
the love of Christ and a love of learning. We are so grateful for the joy our
children have when they speak about their school!”Scottron Family

Flourishing To Impact

North Shore Christian School students are flourishing in their
ability to think diversely and work collaboratively. Having gained
an appreciation for the uniqueness of all people, they are able to
thoughtfully engage with others and are inspired to lead lives of
eternal impact.

“It’s been a privilege to send all of our four children to NSCS. The work
the faculty and staff do to shape our children not only with amazing
academics, but most importantly how they equip them to understand
who they are in Christ as they leave NSCS with their strong faith. We are
BLESSED to be a part of this great work at NSCS!”Lopes Family