A note from the music room…

It has been a productive and fun autumn in the music room! At the beginning of the year I sat down with Mrs. Lowe to discuss classroom goals. One thing I wanted to improve on or expound upon was our students’ music listening skills. I believe that it is important to be able to understand and explain what we hear in music in accurate and intelligent terms. Every month, each class listens to one well-known and well-loved example of “Classical” music. I use the word “Classical” in the broad sense, because our listening examples have been taken from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras.

I was surprised by how much the students have enjoyed this new practice. It was a delight to watch the Kindergarten class discover the main subject of Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumble Bee” and to have the first grade class count every repeated theme in Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” One sixth grade listening lesson was particularly memorable. We listened to Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D minor.” The students were surprised that they already knew the song—they had heard it in movies, commercials, and television shows. The students described the organ piece as “terrifying” and “eerie” and associated it with Halloween programs and commercials. We read a little about the composer and when we discovered that Johann Sebastian Bach was primarily a church musician, one student suggested that “Toccata and Fugue” could actually be a musical representation of God’s power and wrath. Wow!

In the next few weeks, we will be listening to and creating some beautiful Christmas music and I encourage you to do the same! Music is a precious gift—take the time to enjoy it!


In Christ,

Mrs. Dickson

Third and Fourth Graders Have a Dream

During the month of February my class turned its attention to Black History
Month, as many around the nation also did. We spent time looking at one of the greatest
racial integration advocates of all times, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I anticipated that we
would watch Dr. King’s infamous I Have A Dream speech as a class and have a
conversation about it, but I was not prepared for what would come next. My students
were so enthralled and taken with Dr. King’s words that I set aside preplanned lessons to
engage my students in reality!
I encouraged my students to appreciate the fact that every American has been
afforded with a dream. We all have the license to dream. The difference between a
dream and the realization of that dream is grit. I wanted to encourage my students that
they all possess both – a dream and the grit. I asked them to write their own I have a
Dream speeches. I was absolutely floored by what I read, especially when you consider
that these students are only eight, nine, and ten years old. This generation recognizes the
struggles that our nation faces and the impact that they can make.
I hope you will take the time to read these speeches and in turn be inspired by this
next generation. I truly believe this next generation will be the one to change the world
with their love and service of others.
Click here to read some of the essays written.
Liz MacDavitt has been part of the faculty on our Beverly Campus for over 5 years, currently teaching the 3rd & 4th grade class.

Young Alumni Service Award


The Young Alumni Service Award was presented during last Friday’s Chapel on the Beverly Campus to Isabelle Harper, class of 2014.

The Young Alumni Service Award is given to an alum in grade 7th through 12th, who has given evidence of having integrated their faith into their daily lives, making it a distinct part of their character, a guide in their decision-making and an influence in shaping their worldview.

The recipient of this award will also be a student who is involved in their local church, demonstrates well-roundness by their involvement and activities within their town or city, seeks to be civil-minded in word and deed, and maintains average or above average grades.

Isabelle started her school journey at NSCS when she was in Kindergarten and was a student here until June 2014. She currently attends Ipswich Middle School where she and her sister Victoria ran a successful Haiti Shoebox drive.

Isabelle Harper received this year’s Young Alumni Service Award for initiative in heading up an outreach at her public school. We are so proud of her!

Lynn 8th Grader Recognized

Rebecca Ibanez, grade 8, was recently interviewed by the Lynn Item. Her story appeared on the front page on Saturday April 1st. You can read about this remarkable and inspiring young lady and her desire to serve God and others by clicking here.

Rebecca was also recently honored by the Lynn Rotary through their Eighth Grade Recognition Program. You can see more about that here.

What a privilege to have students like Rebecca here at NSCS!

Science Fair at the Beverly Campus


This week our Beverly Campus students hosted an exciting evening of science!

Students in Kindergarten through grade 6 followed the scientific method and used the data collected to present their findings on many different topics.

Kindergartners researched the planets, while the first and second graders studied the human senses. Third and fourth graders explored the properties of water and its impact on human, animal and plant life. The fifth and 6th grade class researched the structure and layers of the earth, including volcanoes and earthquakes.

All of the students did an exceptional job preparing their exhibits and explaining their findings to family and friends who attended the Science Fair.

We are extremely proud of each and every one of them!





Nicholas Granitsas, grade 5, is this year’s North Shore Christian School Spelling Bee winner!

Lynn Campus students in grades 2 through 8 have been working on their spelling skills for several months, all vying for the chance to represent NSCS at the city wide SCRIPPS Spelling Bee in March. Last night, two finalists from each class excitedly and anxiously participated in our annual school Spelling Bee.  Family and friends gathered to support all of the students as Mr. Richard Ladd led the event as the pronouncer.

After approximately an hour of spelling, Nicholas emerged as the champion! He will go on to represent NSCS at the Lynn Auditorium in March.

C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S Nicholas!



Lynn Campus Receives Official Citation from Mayor

North Shore Christian School received an Official Citation from the Mayor’s Office for their recent service at My Brother’s Table.  Students in Kindergarten, 7th and 8th grade visited My Brother’s Table in December to sing Christmas carols and bring homemade cookies to the guests. 20170104_092532

The three grades have chosen to reach out to MBT, the North Shore’s largest soup kitchen, as their service project for this school year. They have been and will continue in this endeavor for the remainder of the school year.

The Citation reads:  “Be it known to all who read these presents that20170104_092634 the Honorable Judith Flanagan Kennedy Mayor of the great City of Lynn hereby extends her sincerest congratulations to: North Shore Christian School In recognition of: your efforts to bring happiness to My Brother’s Table with your singing and home-made cookies. Be it further known that the entire City of Lynn extends its very best wishes for continued success and good fortune in all endeavors; that this citation be duly signed by the Mayor of the City of Lynn.”


Haiti Shoe Box Drive Kicks Off!

dsc_0013                 dsc_0018

Third and Fourth graders on our Beverly Campus did an amazing job last week as they led the weekly Chapel service. They led in worship, preformed a skit, presented the ministry of New Missions and kicked off our annual Haiti Shoe Box Drive.

It was a blessing to have Jeanne DeTellis, founder of New Missions, with us that morning and hear her speak about the ministry and the work they do with the children in Haiti.

Everyone left that service with a deeper understanding of what we as Christians have been called to do. They received a shoe box to fill for a child in Haiti, along with a cup of rice and beans-a traditional Haitian meal.

For more information about New Missions or our Annual Shoe Box Drive, please contact us at 781.599.2040.

20161104_092257                20161104_085400

STEM Spotlight!

Each month, the 7th and 8th grade classes spend time in the wooded area behind our playground. Each student has selected a tree to observe, and they then take and enter their observations into the Project Budburst website. As Project BudBurst participants, they will carefully observe the phenophases of their trees. Specifically, they are recording the timing of leafing, flowering, and fruiting phases of their trees. Students input their observations into the Project Budburst website and these become part of an ecological record.
The photographs will also be added to the iNaturalist website. Here other professional scientists and “lay scientists” can help identify the trees in their photos. When the identity has been confirmed by multiple users, the photos will be added to the Encyclopedia of Life database.