NSCS Beverly Welcomes “Back to Bach” Project

We had a special visit from three Harvard students on Tuesday, May 1st. Although these men are students in molecular science, math and literature they did not enlighten us with facts but with music. They called themselves the “Back to Bach” project. Michael, Jeffrey and Isaac introduced us to their instruments and then brought classical music to life.

We listened to them play on the violin, the cello and the piano. The students learned what chamber music sounds like. We were also introduced to musical terms such as dynamics and tempo. These three Master Musicians then asked the audience to make the music personal. They encouraged us to listen to each of their solos and try to hear the story. The kids closed their eyes and listened. It was fantastic to see these young kids experience classical music in a new way.

What a great program to have visit our school. Michael, Jeffrey and Isaac were engaging and well spoken. And of course they played their instruments beautifully. I hope this visit inspires our young students to pick up an instrument and create a story of their own.

by Mrs. Jill VanderWoude