NSCS Lynn Campus Celebration of Learning

On the beautiful spring evening of May 4, 2018, we celebrated with our students the culmination of all their months of hard work and study. This annual “Celebration of Learning” included a live auction, classroom presentations by students, and an art show. The students proudly presented their work and took such ownership over their learning. They truly are growing spiritually and academically every day.

Our special evening kicked off in the multipurpose room where Mrs. Renee Southard was our auctioneer extraordinaire. Works of art planned and created by our very own students and teachers were the centerpieces of the auction. The artwork, made with love, included: a lacquered coffee table, hand-painted stoneware, planting pottery, canvas paintings, a stepping stone, a photo collage, wall hanging, a fleece blanket, and an “I Believe” book. The items will be cherished by our winning bidders. 


After the successful auction, parents, grandparents, and family members joined their students in their respective classrooms where they had the opportunity to explore what each grade has been studying. Each grade level offered a variety of events, from presentations, to theater, and even a Wax Museum! They worked so hard and had so much fun planning and preparing for these final projects. Here is a quick recap of some of the classrooms in case you couldn’t get to them all.


  • Rainforest Theme, complete with a living rainforest from the underbrush up through the canopy!
  • Reader’s Theater and Music Room Presentations
  • Meet the Authors and Readers Theater – The Cat in the Hat
  • Immigration Country Research Projects
  • Wax Museum Presentations
  • State Projects Presentations
  • Persuasive Presentations


Throughout the evening, students had the opportunity to showcase some amazing artwork that was displayed around the school, in classrooms, and adorning the walls of the hallways. Here is just a sampling of the types of work the students completed.


  • Landscape paintings that explored the tints and shades that can be used to create depth in a painting.
  • An analysis of the illustrations in publications such as Snowmen at Night by Mark Buehner.
  • An exploration of printmaking after studying the work of Albrecht Durer.
  • Simple pinch pots were designed and displayed proudly by our kindergarteners.
  • Traditional Korean masks used in theater productions were created by our first graders.
  • A study and compilation on traditional mosaics. The students created their own in the image of Mona Lisa.
  • Third graders “upcycled” and created weaved items out of recycled plastic.
  • Clay Fairy homes were created by our fourth graders. They incorporated interesting forms and textures.
  • Notan designs were created by fifth graders who studied the balance of light and dark in design.
  • Our middle school students curated their own show by choosing which pieces they were most proud of and displaying them with an artists statement.

Thank you so much to all the parents and family members who spent their time celebrating learning with your students. We are so proud of each and every one of them.