NSCS March into Missions 2019

Now that we have turned the calendar to March, we embark upon one of our favorite times of the year! On the first of the month, the NSCS Beverly Campus students and faculty kicked off the event known as “March-Into-Missions.”

What is March-Into-Missions?

NSCS Beverly Campus Dedicates the entire month of March to raising awareness for missions; locally, nationally and globally. This year we have taken on new missions as well as continuing a mission project we started earlier.

This month-long commitment is much anticipated time of the school year for our students. It is the time of the year that our students are intentionally exposed to outreach opportunities both in their own communities, and those that may be very far away from them.  

What is NSCS Working on this Year?

DCF Foster Care Outreach

This year we are focusing on four outreaches. We will be partnering with the local DCF Foster Care system. A representative will engage the students on what it means to be a foster parent/family, how a family could get involved in either direct child care or providing supplies for foster care families, and how our local foster care system works to help children in need. We will also be taking up a supplies collection all month.

Our wonderful panel of guests are all involved in providing foster care. This sweet angel is a preemie held by a single mom who has taken this newborn in and is caring for all of her needs. She believes that she can make an impact in the foster care system.

Our students asked thoughtful and interesting questions that helped them understand the foster system and how they can make a difference in a child’s life. For more information about Massachusetts Department of Social Services visit their website.

New Missions: Support for Wasley

We are also supporting a young boy living in Haiti by way of raising funds so that he can attend school, receive two meals each day, and medical care as needed. We are happy to report that we have raised over $1,200! This means that Wasley can remain in school for at least three more years! We hope to raise enough funds to help him stay through high school. We will have a representative who recently traveled to the Dominican Republic, working with New Missions, come to engage our students as well and we will continue our collection of funds through November 2019.  

Kenya Experiences

Two of our students spent their winter break serving young children in Kenya! These two students will be sharing their story and how even though you are young you can live a life of impact!  

Displaced Peoples

Our Director of Music will also be sharing about people who are displaced. She will share about her work with Syrian refugees.  We helped support her recent trip to Greece to serve some of these refugees and she will be reporting on the work taking place there.

Finally, we will culminate this wonderful month with our Annual International Luncheon on March 27th.  Every family will be invited to prepare a meal that is representative of their culture. We will enjoy a time of food and fellowship as we reflect upon God’s faithfulness to all people.

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loves is God’s child, and knows God… God is love. John 4:7a&8b