Parent Communication and Reopen School Plans

August 18, 2020

Dear Families,

Freshly sharpened pencils, clean pages in a notebook, and rhythm restored to the week by children doing homework at the kitchen table.  These are all sure signs that school is about to start.  Albeit a different start to the school year this particular year, we here at North Shore Christian School are nonetheless experiencing the familiar sense of giddy excitement as we think about the hallways and classrooms filled again, at a 6-foot distance of course!  Alas, school is upon us!

But, NSCS is more than a school.  From its inception almost 70 years ago, a faithful handful of people began to conceptualize a Christian school that supported children in the formative years of their growth and development.  NSCS was never designed to be just a place of academic pursuit, as it recognizes the full-child needs of physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual.  A collection of interdependent and interrelated matter and substance all brought together to create a fearfully and wonderfully made child of God, with whom NSCS has the privilege of partnering with parents to participate in their development.   And this privilege is not one we take lightly!

NSCS was created to be a place for children to safely explore God’s creation.  Months before COVID made its debut, our administration was already asking the question, “How can we better meet the social & emotional and spiritual needs of students, in particularly our middle school students?”  We began to sketch out our ideas around providing greater emphasis on Christian Formation, as well as ensuring that our students have outlets that support their social and emotional well-being, especially now during a pandemic, racial tensions, and political discourse.  How good God was to go before us in this effort and allow NSCS to already have begun the preparations last year.  I am thrilled to announce that Mrs. Michelle Gandra (Lynn Campus) and Ms. Liz MacDavitt (Beverly Campus) have been appointed Deans of Students!  Their main focus will be on Christian formation, as they provide many unique opportunities for our students to engage in healthy and age-appropriate dialogue with one another.  As we consider the day and age in which we live, I am comforted to know that NSCS is able to partner with families and support the overall well-being of children.  More details will be forthcoming to our middle school families around some plans our Deans are already making for the start of school.

Additionally, for those families whose child is participating in our At-Home Learning, please be on the lookout for an opportunity to join a Zoom Meeting with Mrs. Jenna Josephson, our At-Home Learning Coordinator.

As we look to open our campuses safely to receive students, NSCS has been very busy securing our PPE and getting our buildings in compliance.  Here is a link to our Reopen School Plans  I could not be more appreciative of our Reopen School Task Force members.  They have worked diligently toward our ability to offer both On-Campus and At-Home Learning options to our families.  As you read through the plans, I would ask that you view this plan as a living document.  With that said, I can assure you that things will change.  These changes will be reflective of our School’s response to updated guidance and recommendations from various sources such as; DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education), CDC (Center for Disease Control), and the DPH (Department of Public Health).  Please also review and sign the Risk Waiver, that you will find here.

In the days ahead you will also be receiving information on our Contact Tracing app., which will become an integral part of our daily school routine for our students, visitors, faculty & staff, and parents should you have reason to be on campus.

Below is a schedule of our new start dates.  You will notice that we have pushed these dates out to accommodate the additional COVID training, and on-line preparations that our faculty & staff will require. We will be extending the school year by a week, ending on June 23, 2021. We appreciate your understanding and your flexibility.

As we wind down our summer days, and begin to look toward a new school year, I urge you all to make praying for NSCS a part of your regular routine.  We can make our plans, which we have done so, but it is only God who will bless, and secure our plans.  As a learning community I desire for us to be a people who looks to God as the ultimate source of all things, and as we trust Him with our school and students, I ask too that He would give each one of us a sensitivity and compassion toward one another.  Over ten years ago when I was invited to serve at NSCS it was in fact these qualities that attracted me most.  There is a tenderness and transparency at our school, and I praise God for the opportunity to be journeying along with you all, and our students, at this unique time.  My prayer is that God would be glorified in and through our efforts.

With Love and Appreciation,

Pam Heintz, Head of School

Staggered Start Dates

Early Childhood-2nd grades – Sept. 21 & 22 (All Campuses)

3 & 4 grades – Sept 23 (Beverly)

3-5 grades – Sept 23 (Lynn)

5-8 grades – Sept 24 (Beverly)

6-8 grades – Sept 24 (Lynn)