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Teachers Become Students (for a Half-Day)

By Ms. Liz MacDavitt, Beverly Dean of Students and MS Teacher – On Wednesday May 18, North Shore Christian School teachers (and administrators) from all three campuses participated in the last of three Collaborative Critical Thinking frameworks training. Earlier this spring, teachers received an overview of CCT frameworks as a whole and were able to dig deeper into two specific activities – Plus, Minus, Interesting and Paideia Seminar.

The focus of the final training was an overview and hands-on activity revolving around the CCTOxford Debate. Providing these opportunities for teachers (and administrators) allows for a greater sense of understanding, time and space to ask questions, collaborative brainstorming amongst teachers, and the ability to see the real life applications of incorporating critical thinking skills into regular classroom teaching practices. Not only does this benefit teachers in their professional development, but it also ultimately benefits our students, and helps to shape their hearts and minds.

CTTOn May 18, after reviewing the outline for an Oxford Debate, teachers and administrators participated in a debate together. This firsthand experience was valuable for all educators. Perhaps the greatest value lies within the opportunity for educators to be students themselves; learning from each other and leaving with a greater appreciation for their colleagues and their ideas. To be an educator is to be a lifelong learner; to encourage and spur on the learning process for students and engage them in meaningful activities that promote creative thinking, civil discourse, and lifelong skills that will surely travel far beyond the walls of our classrooms in ways we can’t even begin to imagine.