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What is RTI All About?

By Janelle Sweet Dean of Academics & Curriculum Beverly Campus

What is RTI??? It is an intervention program we have held on the Beverly campus for the past two years! This teaching strategy is used in many schools in many different ways.

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Often, we associate the word intervention to suggest negative connotations, however, in education, it can imply a positive meaning!  Literally the word intervention means:  A situation in which someone becomes involved in a particular issue in order to influence what happens. In education, RTI technically stands for Response to Intervention. So, if we consolidate all of this, our RTI program on the Beverly campus is using a format where our teachers are involved with specific training in the areas of ELA and Math.

The goal is to influence students with targeted instruction to enable them to grow and strengthen learning strategies specific to their needs.  RTI provides children with enhanced opportunities to learn.  RTI is not a particular method or instructional approach, rather it is a process that aims to shift educational resources toward the delivery and evaluation of instruction that works best for students(Readingrockets.org)

Our school uses Response to Intervention (RTI) to help students be successful in all content areas.  In addition to classroom teacher input, we utilize student assessments to measure areas that a child would benefit from language arts or math intervention.

We began this RTI program last school year and found it to be successful! We categorize skill groups and place children in a grade band for tutoring over a 6 – week period.

3rd 4th RTIWe have had an ELA group and a math group.  By combining the expertise of our teachers, we are able to have three different ELA focus groups.  In the first-grade band, the teachers focus is on phonemic segmentation, letter and sound fluency, and letter naming.  2nd grade RTIOur second-grade band focuses on trick word fluency, phonics, oral reading fluency and guided reading.  Grade band 3 focuses on writing conventions and mechanics, (spelling strategies, punctuation, capitalization) and writing process review.  Our fourth-grade band focuses on reading fluency and fluidity, and comprehension of abstract text.

Our math RTI was broken up into three grade bands.  The focus has ranged from application and practice, fact memorization, drills, and concept review.

The afterschool RTI program for this school year is at the half-way mark!  We planned the program to run for six weeks this year with hopes of extending the time-frame in the future.   With many thanks to our teachers and students, it has been another successful and well-attended year.