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Taking our Journey North

By Corrine Previte (5th Grade, Lynn Campus)

This past month, for one of our branching out activities, the first and fifth grade class on the Lynn campus has been taking part in a symbolic butterfly migration through the program Journey North. Students across North America are taking part in a monarch’s journey all the way down to Mexico for the winter. According to the Journey North website “over 20,000 students in the United States and Canada will create symbolic butterflies this fall and send them to Mexico for the winter. At the monarch sanctuaries in Mexico, children will protect the butterflies and send them north in the spring.” During our branching out time we introduced this activity to students with a video on monarch butterflies migrating down to Mexico and what Mexico is like (which you can view below).


Then, students were asked to color in their own paper butterfly which will go directly to an elementary school student in Mexico for them to take home to their families. Did I mention that many of these students live by the monarch sanctuaries that house the butterflies for the winter? It is important for our students to be aware of other cultures and ways of life because it allows us to see how God’s kingdom is at work. It is also important for our students to be able to see how big our world actually is and ways we can reach out to our broader community. This directly relates to our schoolwide theme this year: flourishing for impact. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it states that flourishing means “marked by vigorous and healthy growth” or to be “very active.” Just like the butterflies, we need to take an “active” approach towards our own faith just like the monarchs are taking an “active” approach on their journey down to Mexico. We need to be able to transform and grow not just in our own individual faith but actually, spread the good news to others too! As a Body of Christ we need to be able to grow and transform our faith by building relationships with others, living out God’s word and nurturing our own growth so we can make an impact. My challenge to you all is this: take an “active” approach to your own faith, don’t just sit and wait, bring others alongside you for the ride.  Just as the butterflies fly in a pack and lift each other up, we need to do the same. We also need to embrace the path that God has laid out for us. Just like the butterflies, we may not know what’s ahead but, we can embrace and trust the journey that God has planned for us, still take action and leave our mark.

Today, the butterflies are “migrating” down to another elementary school in Mexico as the colder weather is vastly approaching up here on the North Shore. In the spring, a group of butterflies will return home where we will all be patiently awaiting their arrival (and our envelope in the mail).