Travel Through Time at the NSCS Beverly History Fair

History is all around us. It impacts who we are as a people and where we are headed as a society. On February 12, 2018, the North Shore Christian School students in Kindergarten through 6th grade treated family, friends, and visitors to a trip around the globe to explore how history is not just mere facts and dates, but rather an exploration into the deeper meaning of how we, as a people, fit into the larger historical picture. Grade levels were split into groups around the school to examine different aspects of history such as: “A History of Me,” by the Kindergarteners, while the First and Second graders focused on historical figures both living and passed, and the Third and Fourth graders created “State Floats” and, finally, the Fifth and Sixth graders delighted guests with “Art History”.


Parents and guests began their night at the History Fair with a warm welcome by Mrs. Heintz as the students excitedly prepared to present the results of their labors over the past few weeks and months. The energy was practically palpable in the Upper Parish Hall where Kindergarteners proudly displayed their presentation boards that spotlighted their country of origin. On each board, students displayed a detailed family tree, a flag of their country, a map, pictures of the major landmarks that can be found in each country and what language(s) is (are) spoken in that country. On a personal note, each student’s board displayed a letter about the day they were born. Each was touching and cherished by parents, guardians, and guests alike.


The First and Second graders were just as joyous to show off their hard work on the historical figure of their choosing. Many students pulled out all the stops and dressed as their character and stayed in the role while presenting from their display. Each student did a wonderful job creating a timeline of important dates in their peron’s life, an image of their character, and an artifact that tied it all together, found a Bible verse relating to their figure, and wrote a thank you letter for the life and accomplishments. Students even created themed snacks to go with their historical figure and encouraged audience members to enjoy them.


Third and Fourth grade students welcomed guests up in the math and third grade classrooms where State Floats were gorgeously displayed. After choosing a state, each student researched and designed a “float” that would visually teach about their area in a colorful, creative and 3D way including: a flag, a state motto, a state industry, cuisine, and an important person from that state who is/was famous. A well-thought out essay was written about the historical figure and was displayed by each float. Many students happily dressed as their character and took great pleasure in showing what they had learned about their state and person.


In the Small Chapel, the Fifth and Sixth grade students created a room with ambiance of a professional art studio to display their “Art History” exhibits. Using the theme of art, each student chose a time period and region to present what art was like for that group of people. Using sleek, black backgrounds students explained how art impacted their region and time period along with displaying unique artifacts they created from that time period ranging from Egyptian art, to Roman art, to the art of the Baroque period.


The night was a rousing success as students truly shined with pride at the work they were presenting. This biannual event is one we look forward to and the children cherish being able to show what they know to parents, friends, and family. Thank you to all who came out to celebrate this learning with us. Enjoy just a sampling of the photos from the evening.