Why a Christian Education at NSCS Matters

Christian education, particularly foundational, Christian education, is important because research suggests that most children form their worldview by the end of Middle School, approximately by the age of 13. Christian educators have an incredible opportunity to partner with families to shape, support, and nurture the worldview of our young people. Everyone forms a worldview, a collection of beliefs, the question is what type of worldview will one develop?

At NSCS we strive to provide an education grounded in biblical principles so when our students graduate, with the Lord’s leading, they will develop a Biblical worldview. We seek to integrate and infuse Biblical principles, in our teaching of content and interpersonal interactions. This means we encourage our students to ask deep and meaningful questions about what they are learning, and to evaluate their thinking. For instance, in Science we integrate discussions about the complexity of God’s creation, the wisdom of the Lord, and how He has left nothing to chance. When teaching about the water cycle, we consider how God’s purpose and design of the water cycle even included the details of how water would be collected on the Earth’s surface. We sit in awe that He created engineers with the minds and ability to create and build structures such as skyscrapers and bridges. We encourage our students to consider the importance of order in Math as well as the beauty of math. For instance, when considering the Fibonacci pattern, the order of the pattern is displayed in such a way that one notices the pattern in the form of a spiral such as the shell of a snail or in the center of a sunflower. It is our hope that our students recognize that language is beautiful, and the Lord is the creator of linguistics. I could go on and on.

Ultimately, it is my hope that as a school community we strive to challenge our students to love deeply, think critically, to defend their faith and to understand WHY they believe behind WHAT they believe.

I wish you the Lord’s Peace and Joy,
In His care,
Mrs. Robin Lowe


Robin Lowe has been the principal on our Lynn Campus since 2015.