Young Alumni Service Award


The Young Alumni Service Award was presented during last Friday’s Chapel on the Beverly Campus to Isabelle Harper, class of 2014.

The Young Alumni Service Award is given to an alum in grade 7th through 12th, who has given evidence of having integrated their faith into their daily lives, making it a distinct part of their character, a guide in their decision-making and an influence in shaping their worldview.

The recipient of this award will also be a student who is involved in their local church, demonstrates well-roundness by their involvement and activities within their town or city, seeks to be civil-minded in word and deed, and maintains average or above average grades.

Isabelle started her school journey at NSCS when she was in Kindergarten and was a student here until June 2014. She currently attends Ipswich Middle School where she and her sister Victoria ran a successful Haiti Shoebox drive.

Isabelle Harper received this year’s Young Alumni Service Award for initiative in heading up an outreach at her public school. We are so proud of her!