Christian Academics and Curriculum

We are convinced that a strong curriculum is wide, deep, challenging and varied. In every discipline and in every classroom, balance is encouraged between skill and understanding, training and discovery, ability and imagination, standard techniques and creative invention. The achievement of such a balance is the charge of every teacher in our school.

We recognize that learning happens everywhere—in the classrooms, in the fields and woods that surround our buildings, even on the playgrounds. Students are encouraged to acquire knowledge in many ways– through books, field trips and from their peers. In practice, our students are pushed beyond the memorization of facts and the acquisition of important content. Curiosity is fostered in our core subjects, but also interwoven into music, physical education, and foreign language classes. We understand that all learning is connected– science is related to math which is related to music which is related to reading and so on and so on.

We believe that character is as important as academics. Teachers take seriously their role of laying a educational and spiritual foundation. Students are encouraged to pursue excellence in their work, conduct and service to others. Each child is valued and understood to be uniquely made by God with a purpose to fulfill. They are intentionally stretched to accomplish their personal best and held to a high standard as they are prepared to take their place in the world.

“My children are getting much more than just an excellent academic education. They are learning who they are and they are learning whose they are. Teachers and staff know our children and teach them with a commitment to excellence that comes from being known by the God who is Lord of everything: all the music, art, science, math, literature, friendships, service, everything. NSCS is not about being insular, circling the wagons, avoiding or dumbing down. It is about best preparing our children to make sense of what is hard and difficult, to find real joy and purpose, to be meaningfully engaged in the world, to be salty salt and bright lights.”
-David Cook

Quick Facts Quick Facts

  • Accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
  • Founded in 1951
  • Preschool through Grade 8
  • 3 campuses located in Beverly, Hamilton, and Lynn
  • Average Class Size: 12
  • Communities Represented: 25
  • Racially & Economically Diverse
  • Students receiving financial aid: 74%
  • STEM Science Curriculum
  • Learning Enrichment Center
  • Athletics
  • Theatrical training and live performances
  • Home-to-School Partnership
  • Weekly Chapel and Bible instruction
  • Before School and After School Care
  • NSCS is pleased to house the Gordon College Graduate Education Orton-Gillingham Reading Clinic that provides free reading tutoring to qualifying NSCS and community students.
  • Member of Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)